Since childhood growth in the cold north, the first time I heard that the sweet-scented osmanthus tree or from the old man about a fairy tale about Wu Gangrui. The story said that the Tang Dynasty, a person called Wu Gang, obsessed with immortal, but refused to study carefully, the emperor 囙 this and angry, so that he cut trees in the moon, that if you can cut the moon in the laurel, you can get immortal. So Wu Gang will go to the moon in the cutting tree, he cut every ax, sweet-scented osmanthus trees on the wound will automatically heal. Wu Gang is always not cutting that trees, but because of want to get immortal, so had to cut down. This is the origin of Wu legend. A child, every month on the star of the rare night, they strive to look at the moon, looking for sweet-scented osmanthus trees and Wu Gang figure. Always did not see Wu Gang, but that bird's sweet-scented osmanthus tree posture is clear and clear. It is sturdy, foliage, see a long time seems to find out the wind when the branches of the leaves slightly shaking. This is the first brand of osmanthus trees left in my childhood mind.

After school, in the language class read Li Qingzhao's "partridge days. Sweet-scented osmanthus", wrote: bleak light yellow body soft, feeling sparse far only incense left. Why should the dark red, naturally the first class in the flowers. This is the second contact with the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, know its color is pale yellow, fragrance is overflowing, character is Zhuo and decent. And later saw a Taiwan TV series "August sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance", about the red top businessman Hu Xueyan to the sea ups and downs and love and hate. "This is known that the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus is darkly, is wearing the ancient and the more full of years of the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the wandering away from the vicissitudes of life." As of that time, Osmanthus stay in my mind the brand will be more and more clear.

Clear to clear, in the north of the Yellow River, sweet-scented osmanthus trees are rare to see. TV Ye Hao, the book worth mentioning, even if the description was fresh and fresh, there is always a kind of feeling across the layers of yarn, not so much. And sweet-scented osmanthus cakes, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus wine and so on to sweet-scented osmanthus as raw materials processed into food, sweet is sweet, but always feel like a fashion magazine cover girl, each hair every strand of clothing after carefully carved , Makeup is fine and perfect, but less a natural primitive kind and simple, it is a sense of distance from the alienation. So appreciate the appreciation, but the bones of the real charm is always not, and therefore regret.

Finally in this golden autumn season, I went to a Hangzhou, to witness the truth of ten osmanthus fragrance.

Arrived in Hangzhou is near the evening. Hospitality of the owner drove us directly to the suburbs near the tea garden. The car, feel bursts of fragrant nostrils come from, fragrant fragrant straight is amazing. Looked up and saw a cluster of green around the small hills in the dark twilight in the uplift, above the terraced tea forest. Not see the flowers, not fruit, the aroma of where? Is it tea?

The passionate hostess answered my question: "is the sweet - scented osmanthus ah, you see.

She pointed to the tall corners of the corridor in the corner of the courtyard, covered with layers of golden flowers, the mixing of the twilight of the twilight, in the distant green Dasan against the background, as in the evening in the evening Shaking.

This is the long-known sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance ah.

There are many kinds of flowers. Clove fragrance implies hazy youth throbbing, rose aroma reveals a rich and abundance, lily aroma seductive fascinating, compared to the only sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance is quiet in the quiet, hook thinking. Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei wrote: people leisure Guihua flowers, night quiet spring. Want to come when the sweet-scented osmanthus litter issued by the subtle sound so that the poet felt the front of the valley more open, the night is more quiet and lonely it

Along the foot of the path at the foot of Dasan, along the way the growth of sweet-scented osmanthus trees are not tall, the color of the flowers are shallow and shallow, shallow as the sixteen-year-old posture exquisite prime girl, deep is the application of light powder Makeup mature young woman. Dasan on the Longjing tea tree dip the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, and other origin of the Longjing more fragrant exceptionally different, so there will be the West Lake specialty Osmanthus Longjing tea. Longjing to the West Lake rich in the best quality, sweet-scented osmanthus as the city of Hangzhou flowers, only one year before and after the Mid-Autumn flowers, the two are like Cowherd and Weaver, only once a year the perfect encounter. Gently twist a few pieces of baked tea and sweet-scented osmanthus petals into the tea bowl, watching the bud like a grass in the water slowly stretch, golden yellow petals in the green water gently rippling, like a star, More like a broken yet melted frost snow scattered in the white body of the cup, Jiaohe lonely lonely.

Forget what time to read an article, the West Lake woman described as sweet-scented osmanthus the same woman. Did not feel how, now know which mysterious. Sitting under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree tea, looking at the hostess house outside the busy, heart can not help but apologize, they got up and invited her to come and sit with. She stood there and smiled and waved his hand, very polite to say something, is the speed of words quickly, then I did not understand, only guess what the meaning, so smile do not speak. She smiled at me, two hands wiping on the apron, suddenly remembered what, turned quickly into the room, and then out of the hands carrying a tin pot, which filled with just boil hot water.